Organic Picks of the Week 08/28/12

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Organic Picks of the week for August 28th, 2012 features
Nectarines, Sweet Corn, Sugar Baby Watermelons,
Ginger Gold Apples, and Collard Greens

Organic Nectarines


Need an easy snack for the kids when they get home from school? Or maybe a sweet and satisfying snack for yourself? Peak season Organic Nectarines from Washington are an excellent choice for the next few weeks. The flavor is outstanding – very sweet, yet tangy on the jaw – on these smooth-skinned cousins of the peach. Organic yellow-flesh Nectarines are for more than just snacking – here are some recipe ideas to peruse. It only takes a day or two at room temperature to ripen a Nectarine to creamy and juicy enough to require a napkin. Yum! They should not be rock-hard, just firm with the slightest give. But too many days on your counter or, worse too many days in your fridge, will leave you with a mealy Nectarine.

After school snack for them. Anytime snack for you! Organic Nectarines.

Organic Sweet Corn


Labor Day weekend is summer’s last “event.” How ’bout cooking up some Organic Sweet Corn for you and your family and friends. Organic vegetable farms in New York, Vermont and Quebec are into their late summer harvests of Bi-Color Sweet Corn. Since Organic Sweet Corn is, of course, grown without the use of synthentic pesticides, you may find some bug damage here and there when you pull back the husk – nothing that can’t be trimmed from the end – but the flavor is good and you get to support chemical-free farming. Enjoy! If you want to get fancy with your corn, here are some tasty looking Sweet Corn recipes to try.

Organic SWEET Corn.

All it takes is a few minutes to boil tender, in season Sweet Corn. If you hate pulling the silk during husking, try grilling or microwaving the Sweet Corn in the husk first. The Corn gets steamed inside the husk and the hot silk easily pulls away from the cob once it cools enough to handle.

Organic Sugar Baby Watermelons


Deep red, sweet, juicy flesh is what you can expect from peak season Organic Sugar Baby Watermelons. Sugar Babies are the smaller, round melons with dark green skin. Oh, and seeds, lots of seeds. My take on seeded watermelons is that they give you an excuse to have a seed spitting contest with your friends or kids. Be outside. Get sticky. Enjoy melons. It’s still summer.

Be outside. Get sticky. Enjoy melon. It’s still summer.

Organic Ginger Gold Apples


Whoa – this year’s apple season has started and fall is just around the corner. One of the first varieties to come off the trees and make its way into organic produce departments is the Organic Ginger Gold Apple. California growers are already into peak harvests and Washington organic orchards are just beginning to ship their Ginger Golds too. Under their greenish-yellow skin they’re sweet-tart and have fine textured flesh that doesn’t brown easily after slicing. No, Ginger Golds are definitely not the ultimate eating Apple, still their versatility, old-fashioned flavor and affordability make them an excellent way to kick off the new crop Organic Apple Season. Apple Crisp, anyone?

Organic Ginger Gold Apples are good for Apple Crisp.

Organic Collard Greens


Of all greens, Organic Collard Greens seem to be one of the best bang for the buck right now. Supplies are steady from organic farms in Wisconsin, Colorado and California. Organic Collards are for more than braising, sautéing and steaming. They make a high flavor, low carb wrap for sandwiches and provide copious nutrients if you do juicing. What’s your favorite recipe?

Collards: better cholesterol-lowering ability than all other common cruciferous vegetables.

What is Organic Produce?

Certified Organic Produce meets a set of standards for growing, handling and labeling that is governed by the USDA’s National Organic Program. Organic fruits and vegetables are grown without the use synthetic chemicals, pesticides and fertilizers. The terms “Natural” and “Local” are not the same as “Organic.” Learn more about Organic.

Buy Smart. Shop Healthy. Live Organic.

The Produce Geek, Jonathan K. Steffy

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