Organic Picks of the Week 04/16/12

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Organic Picks of the week for April 16th, 2012 features
Green Kale, Red Cabbage, Gold Nugget Tangerines, Bartlett Pears and Broccoli

1. Organic Green Kale


I must confess that I’m a relative newcomer to the Kale party. We did not eat Kale Greens growing up at my house. But recently, Kale has been on my culinary radar – for cooking and making Kale Chips. (Mmm… buffalo kale chips…) Though, I have not dived into the juicing or smoothie realm in earnest just yet. Any juicing experts out there have some advice for using Kale?

East Coast Organic Kale Greens

Kale, a member of the cabbage family, is about as nutritious as veggies come and has an earthy, slightly bitter flavor – though the Spring crop is often tastes sweeter. Organic Green Kale is in peak season in California, Florida and will soon be in season in Georgia. The bunches have looked gorgeous on the East Coast grown product! The leaves on Organic Green Kale have been tightly curled and robust lately. Please, share your recipes with us on our Facebook page.

2. Organic Red Cabbage


Bold in color and in flavor, rich in nutrients, vitamins and anti-oxidants – Organic Red Cabbage is an excellent ingredient to keep on hand in your kitchen. Red Cabbage adds color to slaws and salads, and by itself makes an impactful side-dish when boiled and drained, braised or sautéed. Peak season spring crop Organic Red Cabbage from Florida and California is available in Natural Foods Stores and Co-ops this month.

For Purple Cabbage majesty.

3. Organic Gold Nugget Tangerines


Essentially the last of the organic snacking citruses available this season from California growers, Organic Gold Nugget Tangerines continue in their peak season here in April. The skins of this virtually seedless mandarin are deep orange in color and looked pebbled and sometimes bumpy – like a nugget of gold, I suppose. Inside the orange-gold flesh is sweet and flavorful, an excellent snacking piece of fruit. Organic Gold Nugget Tangerines peel fairly easily and are good on the go. Select fruit that feels heavy for its size, since they’ll have more juice.

Strike it rich! …in flavor.

4.Organic Bartlett Pears


Slurp a Pear this week! Organic Bartlett Pears – the ones that change color from green to yellow as they ripen – are in peak season from Argentina right now. They’re reasonably priced and taste great. Pears ripen quickest at room temperature or will keep from ripening as quickly when stored in the fridge. I like mine full yellow and soft… so ripe that the scars and nicks on the skin are starting to turn brown… so ripe that the juice trickles down your chin when you take a bite. Organic Bartlett Pears can also be eaten green and firm, they’re just crunchier that way and not quite as juicy and sticky. Are you a slurper?

Slurp a ripe Organic Bartlett Pear!

5.Organic Broccoli


We’ve been hitting the Organic Broccoli pretty hard at our house lately. Raw for fiber-rich, healthy snacking; stems for flavorful slaw; steamed or roasted for satisfying sides… the options for Broccoli are seemingly endless. It’s a good time to enjoy fresh Organic Broccoli from California. Broccoli grows well in cool, damp Spring weather and the product has been nice, crisp and delicious recently.

Spring crop Organic Broccoli springing into action in the kitchen.

Buy Smart. Shop Healthy. Live Organic.

The Produce Geek, Jonathan K. Steffy
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