Organic Picks of the Week 04/02/12

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Organic Picks of the week for April 2nd, 2012 features
Sweet Potatoes, Lady Alice Apples, Kumquats, Horseradish and Carrots

1. Organic Sweet Potatoes


Holiday cooking for Easter or Passover often includes Sweet Potatoes, commonly referred to as Yams. Baked Yams & Apples, Sweet Potato Casserole, Sweet Potato Soufflé, Sweet Potato Pie, Candied Yams – what’s your best recipe? Loaded with Beta Carotene, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Manganese, Sweet Potatoes are healthy and delicious. California grown Organic Sweet Potatoes are very high quality and eating great right now. The orange-fleshed Jewel and Garnet varieties are two of my favorites. Organic Covington Sweet Potatoes from North Carolina appear a little homelier than the California Yams, but are available at lower prices.

Maple Whipped Sweet Potatoes with Pecans

2. Organic Lady Alice Apples


Hey, Apple-aficionados: specialty apple variety alert! Organic Lady Alice Apples are available for a very short window of time here in early April only at some Co-ops, Organic Markets and Natural Foods Stores that carry a broad variety of fruit. The fruit was harvested earlier this past fall and stored in special controlled atmosphere rooms until Spring when the timing for release to the marketplace was best. Organic Lady Alice Apples have red streaks of color over a golden skin. The flesh is crisp and firm. The flavor profile is sweet up front with tones of tartness – a very enjoyable apple for snacking! They’re also great for fruit mix and fruit trays since the flesh is very slow to brown after cutting. Lady Alice Apples are still rather new and limited in production – so enjoy them while they’re available right now!

Limited engagement with Lady Alice.

3. Organic Kumquats


Bursting with citrus intensity, these mini, bite-sized citrus fruits have sour-sweet flesh with edible skins. Eat Organic Kumquats whole for a rush of sweet-tart zippiness. I like to call ‘em nature’s Sour Patch Kids. Organic Kumquats from California are toward the end of peak season right now, so grab some while they’re still good. They’re nice for snacking, garnishing, chopping into to relishes and halving for flavoring Ginger Ale, Lemon-lime Soda or cocktails.

Bursting with flavor.

4. Organic Horseradish


The best time of the year to look for fresh, whole Organic Horseradish Root is this week. Why? The bitter root is used frequently in Passover meals and with Ham for Easter. Stores that usually carry just jarred Horseradish, often will stock the bulk fresh around this time of year. Horseradish Root is peeled and grated, then mixed with mayonnaise, vinegar or salad dressing. It’s pungent, spicy flavor is often paired with fish, beef, ham, eggs or beets. Anyone have a good homemade Horseradish sauce recipe to share? Post a comment!

Pictured here: Amish-grown Organic Horseradish Root from Strasburg, PA.

5. Organic Carrots


Spring salads, holiday cooking and snacking deserve some good orange color and sweet, bright flavor. Fresh Organic Carrots from California will do the trick! Bagged Whole Organic Carrots and Baby Peeled Organic Carrots are in season right now and taste great! If you want even more color, you may also find Organic Rainbow Carrots with flavorful maroon, orange, yellow and white carrots in each bunch. Organic Yellow Baby Peeled Carrots are also available at some Organic Markets and Natural Foods Stores.

Eh, what’s up, doc? Doin’ some holiday cookin’ are yeh?

Buy Smart. Shop Healthy. Live Organic.

The Produce Geek, Jonathan K. Steffy
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