Organic Picks of the Week 03/26/12

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Organic Picks of the week for March 26th, 2012 features
Red Bartlett Pears, Shiitake Mushrooms, On-the-Vine Tomatoes, Cilantro and Lemons

1. Organic Red Bartlett Pears


A touch of color lives things up sometimes, right? On the outside Red Bartlett Pears are just like Green Bartletts except they have kisses of red blush on the skin. Inside they taste fresh-sweet and crunchy when firm. When they are full ripe, the green part of the skin will turn yellow and the fruit will taste sticky-sweet and juicy. The one flavor difference with Red Bartlett Pears is the hint of floral tones. Organic Red Bartlett Pears are in peak season now and for a few more weeks out of Argentina. Enjoy ‘em while they last!

Sweet with hints of floral freshness.

2. Organic Shiitake Mushrooms


Shiitake Mushrooms are an ancient variety that originated in East Asia. This brown capped, white under-finned Mushroom has a flavor that is rich and smoky. The stems are a little tougher and take longer to cook, so usually the caps are the prized portion. Shiitakes are best enjoyed sautéed, braised, steamed or in soups. Organic Shiitakes Mushrooms are grown on logs or blocks of wood chips and are in season all year long here in the States. Do you have a good Shiitake recipe to share?

Rich, smoky flavor.

3. Organic On-the-Vine Tomatoes


Peak season for Organic On-the-Vine Tomatoes continues this week from the greenhouses of Mexico. On-the-Vine Tomatoes often keep well when you bring them home since the fruit can still draw on water and nutrients left in the vine – the healthier the vines, the better. Always store Tomatoes at room temperature since they lose flavor in texture when held below 55 F.

So fine... on-the-vine.

4. Organic Cilantro


The herb green that ties the world together – in Latin, Tex-Mex, Indian, Caribbean, Chinese, East Asian, African, Southern European and even Scandinavian cuisines – is Cilantro. Cilantro leaves are packed with a strong, distinctive fresh flavor and aroma. They add freshness and vibrancy to salads, stews, stir-fries, sauces and garnish. Organic Cilantro is in peak season this week from Southern California and Florida. Did you know that Coriander is the seeds of mature Cilantro plants?

Ready to awaken your palate.

5. Organic Lemons


Lemons are a catalyst. They prepare your taste buds for what’s next. What’s next for you? Start something delicious in your kitchen this week with Organic Lemons. Zest the yellow part of the skin in baking. Squeeze the juice into your vinaigrettes. Brighten up the salad, veggies or fish. Flavor your water. Heck, you can even clean your cutting board with the ends.

Preparing your taste buds for what's next.

Buy Smart. Shop Healthy. Live Organic.

The Produce Geek, Jonathan K. Steffy
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